Village chippy is thriving after saying “No” to Just Eat
Updated: 12 September, 2019
Gordon Thompson, owner of Hamsterly Chippy is saving time and improving service after launching his own website with FOODit.
“We used to have a card machine which our driver would take to every delivery – but it was a nightmare and would often not work,” he said.
Gordon has his own URL where customers can order direct at
“Since getting our own website, all our customers have been ordering and paying online – it’s much quicker and easier, and it means we don’t have to mess around with card machines. We’ve finally got rid of it!” he added.
Gordon is regularly adding new items to his menu and says that having the menu available online is saving him money.
“I get really busy, but the FOODit team are always on hand to help – if I ask them to add new items, a few minutes later it’s done and it’s totally free”, he says. “It’s the best customer service I’ve ever had.”
The village chippy opened in May 2018 and Gordon came under pressure from customers to go on the large takeaway platforms.
“Takeaways on Just Eat get robbed”
“My customers wanted me to get on Just Eat – but I said no. Takeaways and customers on Just Eat are being robbed. Why pay 50p for every order, for no reason?”
Gordon’s honest approach with customers is definitely paying off. “My customers trust me” he says. “So when I told them about my new website and that they should order directly from it – they did!”
Keen to promote his website, Gordon has been regularly posting competitions and deals on his Facebook page.
“We don’t even advertise and we get thousands of views for our Facebook posts. Customers click through to place an order.”
The likes and shares received by Gordon’s Facebook community have also helped him to reach new customers.
“The FOODit software lets me know when new customers are ordering so I can make their first order extra special,” he says.
“I’m thrilled with the new website and the support – I’d highly recommend FOODit to others.”
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