Don’t just take our word for it!
Updated: 17 May, 2022
One of our wonderful Instagram followers, and loyal JJ customer @littlebearbbq_and_food loves to cook up incredible dishes using a wide range of our products including chicken breasts, cooked doner meat and delicious prawns.
As a thank you for his devoted custom, not only purchasing our ingredients, but also cooking up recipes and tagging us in them on Instagram, we wanted to thank Marcus by gifting him some of our flavoursome fillet steak to create a divine Valentines meal at home, alongside a glass of our popular prosecco.
His finished meals always make our mouths water and leave us brimming with inspiration on different ways to use our top-quality products!
Here’s what Marcus had to say
JJ Foodservice reached out to me the other day and told me that they like what I’m doing with some of their products on this lil ol’ page and would I like to have a spot of fillet steak and a bottle of prosecco???
After ruminating on this very generous proposal for approximately 0.091 seconds, I agreed and we arranged that I would trundle orf down to JJ Foodservice HQ in Enfield to collect the goods.
I’ve currently got some potato dauphinoise in the oven to accompany these beautiful looking pieces of meat…of course, I will be steaking out the fillet and giving it a quick sear before serving up.
If you’ve been one of my pals from the start of this lil ol’ page, you’ll know just how much I rate JJ Foodservice not only for their products but also their excellent value and tip top customer service…Indeed, when I first discovered JJ Foodservice I wasn’t sure if they were open to the public but a quick call resolved this, and the lady explained that they are, how to order and how to collect or they’ll happily deliver direct to your door!
JJ Foodservice are where I have exclusively sourced my chicken breasts from for the last few years, the cooked and sliced doner is legendary and their prawns…sigh!!!
Follow Marcus on Instagram to see how he uses JJ restaurant quality products at home at @littlebearbbq_and_food.
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