The ultimate guide to an Aussie style Christmas BBQ
Updated: 23 February, 2024
Since the past few years have been far from normal, why have a normal Christmas?
Whilst the British Christmas dinner is an absolute classic, there is a lot of room for experimentation and new ideas. This year, we’re taking inspiration from our Australian friends and providing you with everything you need for the ultimate Christmas BBQ feast.
During lockdown, many restaurants and homes invested in renovating outdoor spaces to host guests and adhere to the government restrictions, and whilst spending more time at home it felt like the perfect opportunity. So why not put that space to good use, even in the winter? Take advantage of an alternative cooking method to switch things up this Christmas.
Meaty Feast
Serving a large crowd? Burgers and hotdogs are easy, quick and can be customised in many ways. We’ve got a whole range of toppings and condiments to serve your guests, along with a side of piping hot chips to compliment. Restaurants can easily adapt menus to create festive burgers with the addition of cranberry sauce, brie or stuffing – controversial but it works!
Chuck some chicken wings, drumsticks and steaks onto the BBQ, or go all our with a rack of pork belly spare ribs! With minimal cooking times and limited prep, there’s something to suit everyone.
Cook your traditional turkey with a twist by smoking it on the BBQ. It creates a wonderful smoky flavour with a crispy skin, and saves space in the oven for the vegetables and potatoes.
Not a turkey fan, or want another meaty joint to fill the table? Why not try our incredible cuts of meat from our ‘Roasting Joints‘ Christmas range? We’re talking succulent beef and lamb leg. These can be cooked in the oven whilst the turkey is roasting outside.
Festive Fish
For those who don’t like meat, why not try fish? Seafood is spectacular on the BBQ and brings out some incredible flavours.
Our black tiger prawns are meaty and succulent and can be paired with a whole variety of flavours including lemon, garlic, chilli and parsley.
Or why not impress your guests with a whole sea bass? The skin will become crispy, with that great BBQ char whilst the flesh remains flaky and tender.
Go all out with a whole Octopus on the BBQ! Bring those summer flavours through to winter and serve your guests something they wouldn’t be expecting.
BBQ’ing at Christmas is easy for both restaurants and homes with outside spaces, saves room in the oven and stops the kitchen becoming too crowded. Celebrate Christmas like you never have done before!
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