Bring the Taverna to Your Home with Cyprus Cheese!
Updated: 23 February, 2024
Bring the Taverna to Your Home with Cyprus Cheese!
Updated: 23 February, 2024
Didn’t manage to get away this year? Don’t worry – bring the Cyprus taverna to your home with these delicious grilled cheese recipes.
Halloumi is traditionally imported from Cyprus and made with goats milk – but due to its increasing popularity there have been global shortages.
Our Cyprus Style cheese is made with cow’s milk and produced locally which makes it less expensive but equally tasty.
The best part, it’s on offer right now from just £1.40 per 200g pack.
Grilled cheese with orange and rocket
To grill, simply cut the cheese into 0.5cm slices, heat up a non-stick pan and fry until both sides are golden brown.
Serve with fresh rocket leaves, sliced orange and pomegranate for a deliciously summery and refreshing dinner or lunch.
Smashed Avocado Burger
Veggie burgers don’t have to be dull – add a flavour explosion to yours with grilled Cyprus Style Cheese in brioche with avocado, chillies, onion and coriander.
Mediterranean Cheese Sandwich
Take the Cypriot theme all the way by enjoying the cheese grilled or fried with our delicious sesame Simit breads.
Tasty Veggie Skewers
Perfect if you want BBQ food in one hand and beer in the other!
Dice the Cyprus Style Cheese into one-inch cubes together with some veg. Marinade with olive-oil, season, skewer and add to the BBQ!
Keep turning and don’t take your eye off the ball, halloumi can burn fast!
Grilled Cheese and Egg Brunch
Pan fry the cheese (follow steps from first recipe) and serve with a soft-boiled egg, sliced avocado and sour dough for the ultimate veggie brunch.
Recreate your favourite holiday recipe at home. Buy Cyprus Style Cheese and other tasty ingredients at JJ Foodservice.
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