Baked potatoes round the bonfire
Updated: 2 November, 2022
Entertaining friends and family this bonfire night can actually be as cost effective as you make it. Baked potatoes are an incredible staple to serve at bonfire parties, keeping costs down while guests enjoy a warm, comforting meal.
You can cook the potatoes low and slow in the oven before your guests arrive, and keep them warm around the bonfire, to achieve a super fluffy centre and classic crispy skin.
Our fresh jacket potatoes work out at approximately two pence each! Meaning you can feed over 40 guests at an incredibly low cost.
Here are some of our favourite fillings:
Smoky Beans
Take a tin of baked beans to new heights with the addition of some spices to transform the flavour.
Heat up your beans in a pan on the stove, and add:
For a delicious, salty touch, fry off some sliced bacon or lardons until crispy and add to the beans. A gorgeous smoky jacket potato topping, perfect for Bonfire Night.
BBQ Pulled Chicken
Slow cook these chicken breasts way in advance for a deliciously smoky jacket potato topping.
Pop all the ingredients into a slow cooker (if you have one) and cook on the highest heat setting for around three hours. Once the chicken is easy to shred it is ready.
Alternatively, fry the chicken breasts until fully cooked. Shred and pop back into a saucepan with the onion until browned, then add the rest of the ingredients and cook on a low heat until the sauce has thickened, and the chicken is coated.
Sticky Sausage Jackets
Mix together all of the ingredients (but not the sausages just yet!) to make your glaze.
On a baking tray, lay your sausages out and brush over the glaze.
Cook on the barbecue, or under a hot grill for around 10 minutes. Make sure to turn them occasionally and keep brushing the glaze on.
Once cooked and sticky, set aside and serve inside a jacket potato, topped with some delicious mustard mayonnaise.
Or, simply customise your jackets with these classic toppings: