A summer guide to Royal Roast
Updated: 24 August, 2022
Our brand-new coffee, Royal Roast, is an authentic, Italian coffee, crafted by our partners on the Amalfi Coast.
Give your customers the taste of Italy to round off the summer season, with our top-picks for cold coffees and cocktails. The flavour profile of Royal Roast features notes of cocoa, dark chocolate, dried fruits and spices, making it the perfect coffee for using in decadent desserts too.
Cold Coffees
Iced Coffee
Summer calls for iced coffee, a popular option for coffee shops to cool down their customers. Any style of coffee can be turned into an iced version, to suit every customer’s tastes.
Top tip: to sweeten iced coffee, use sugar syrups rather than sugar granules - the granules won’t dissolve in cold coffee!
How to do it:
  • Fill a glass with ice
  • Add your choice of milk to the glass
  • Pour over your freshly brewed shot of Royal Roast
  • Add syrup to sweeten if needed
  • Give it a stir and serve
Level up your customers iced coffee with the addition of liqueurs. Add a shot of tequila for a Mexican boozy boost, a classic Irish coffee with whiskey, or a fruitier flavour with coconut rum, Triple Sec or Cointreau.
Fancy more of a sweet treat? Add a few scoops of ice cream to your iced coffee for an incredibly luxurious pick-me-up, or after dinner treat.
Coffee Cocktails
Espresso Martini
Sweet, smooth and super strong. This popular cocktail can be enjoyed at any time of the day - think of it as a morning caffeine boost, after dinner coffee, and dessert, all in one.
How to make it:
  • Pop two martini glasses in the fridge to chill
  • Brew one shot of Royal Roast espresso
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, then pour over the espresso
  • Add to the shaker, 100ml of vodka, 50ml of Kahlua (or any other coffee liqueur), and one tablespoon of sugar syrup
  • Shake until chilled then strain into the martini glasses
  • Garnish with a few coffee beans for the ultimate cocktail bar look
Dark and Stormy
Make the dark and stormy, even darker and stormier, with the addition of Royal Roast coffee.
How to make it:
  • Fill a tall glass with ice
  • Pour 25ml of dark rum, and 25ml of tequila into the glass
  • Give it a mix and top up the glass with ginger beer
  • Add in a shot of freshly brewed Royal Roast
  • Mix and serve
Flat White Martini
Is your go to coffee a flat white? Switch things up with this creamy cocktail, with the addition of Baileys Original Irish Cream.
How to make it:
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice
  • Brew one shot of Royal Roast espresso
  • To the shaker, pour 50ml of Baileys Original Irish Cream, 25ml of vodka, and the espresso shot
  • Shake until blended and smooth
  • Strain into a martini glass and garnish with coffee beans
  • Serve and enjoy!
After Dinner Delights
Affogato are a common choice for a sweet, caffeine fix in Italy, enjoyed at any time of the day.
More recently, the delicacy has found its way onto more and more restaurant menus in the UK, as an after-dinner dessert. It takes less than two minutes to prepare, with only two ingredients needed, and can be offered in coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.
How to prepare an affogato:
  • Brew one shot of Royal Roast espresso
  • In a short glass, ice cream cup, small bowl or cocktail glass, scoop out two balls of good quality, vanilla ice cream
  • Pour over the shot of espresso and serve with a spoon
  • Simple as that!
Check out our Royal Roast recipes on our TikTok page here.
This post has been prepared by our JJ Foodies – passionate members of our team who love experimenting with our ingredients. We do not profess to be skilled restaurateurs or mixologists, but we love sharing ideas that we have enjoyed at home...