Your Ultimate Guide to Steaks
Updated: 8 June, 2022
When it comes to impressing with food – there’s no better way to make an impact than with a perfectly-cooked, steak.
Splashing out on a good cut like a fillet, ribeye or T Bone is a great start. But, knowing how to bring the best out of that steak is equally important.
There’s a fine line (just minutes!) between succulent food heaven and overdone hell.
Precision is key. So, pay attention! In this article, we will we tell you how to cook the perfect steak and which cut goes with which occasions.
Perfect Fillet
Small, lean, and beautiful, the fillet is the most tender cut of beef and usually the most expensive. It’s perfect for sliced beef carpaccio and, because it’s from the lower-middle part of the back, a muscle that isn’t used a lot, it’s exquisitely tender and has no fat running through. Delicate and up-market, this cut is perfect for fine dining and special occasions.
We recommend cooking it pan-fried with a little garlic butter.
Indulgent Ribeye
If you’ve ever had a soul satisfying, memory-searing steak, it was probably a ribeye. With fatty marbling running throughout to help it stay moist and tender, this steak has an unmistakable indulgent and delectable flavour. Ribeye comes from the upper rib area of the cow and, due to its fatty content, cooks beautifully under hot and fast heat.
We recommend the blazing inferno of a white-hot BBQ.
Earthy Sirloin
Soft, tender, and full of flavour – sirloin comes from the upper back part of the cow, next to the rump, and has a beefier flavour than the fillet or ribeye. This means it pairs well with richer sauces – we’re thinking caramelised onion or black peppercorn. It’s leaner, contains more protein and can be more cost effective. Cooks well pan-fried or on a grill.
The King of Steaks – T Bone
Insanely tasty and stunning to look at, the T Bone is cut from the short rib of the cow and consists of two different steaks: the sirloin and the fillet, with a T-shaped bone running in between. That’s right, it’s two steaks in one, what more could you ask for?
The ultimate way to cook this steak is by infusing it with the smoky flavours of a charcoal grill. It’s a fantastic option for impressing friends and family at gatherings.
Once cooked, cut the steak out, slice and devour what’s left on the bone.
How to Cook Your Steak
Whichever cut you choose, here’s our top tips for cooking on the BBQ:
1. Remove the steaks from the fridge for at least 20 minutes, allowing them to reach room temperature
2. Season well with salt, pepper, and olive oil ten minutes before cooking
3. Get your BBQ as high as it will go and keep it there for 15 minutes. If you are heating a pan, go for maximum heat.
4. Cooked your steaks for 2-3 minutes on each side for the BBQ or a little longer if using a pan for medium-rare.
5. Rest the steaks for 4-5 minutes before serving, this helps to tenderise the meat (Tip: do not cover with foil, as the heat will continue cooking the steaks).
6. Slice and enjoy with your favourite sides and dips!