Why you should knock on your neighbour’s door…
Updated: 8 July, 2020
Isn’t it a shame that no one speaks to their neighbours anymore? We think now is the perfect time to knock on your neighbours’ door.
At JJ Foodservice, our team are regularly getting together with friends and neighbours to share bulk deliveries, especially during the lockdown.
Wether it’s to help an elderly neighbour, or spread out the cost of food, sharing is the perfect way to avoid supermarket queues and stay safe at home.
If you love our mangos but can’t eat a box of seven, or you want to grill a steak but 2kgs is too much – why not set up a street WhatsApp’s Group?
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A 2kg pack of our Ribeye Steak (MEA263) cuts perfectly into 12 slices – enough for three or more families to share for as little as £2 per steak.
Not many people realise that we supply restaurants too. So when you order for your home – you are getting chef quality.
So if it’s been a while since you’ve spoken to your neighbours – now could be the perfect time to wave over the garden fence.
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