Why we ❤️ GB Coke
Updated: 10 October, 2017
At JJ Food Service we want our retail and catering customers to thrive, which is why we’ve made the switch to GB Coke – here’s how it will benefit your business
It’s Sugar Tax Ready – All GB Coke will be below the acceptable sugar level when the new sugar tax comes in. Imported products may be higher and therefor subject to tax, which could increase prices
Made in Great Britain – did you know there is evidence to suggest that Brits actually prefer GB Coke? It’s true! They trust the ‘Made in GB’ logo
Better Taste – Ever notice that your Coke tastes different when you’re on holiday? It’s not your imagination –  ingredients vary from country to country and GB coke has been specially formulated for the British palate
Food Standards Compliant – selling the highest-quality products is crucial to the success of our business and our customers’ –  we are proud to promote GB Coke as a Food Standards compliant soft drink
Buy GB Coke at JJ Food Service now >> https://www.jjfoodservice.com/search?q=GB Coke