Turin Trip Highlights
Updated: 16 June, 2017
We love coffee at JJ Food Service and last week we were invited to Turn for an educational coffee-tour with our good friends at Lavazza.
Team photo at the Lavazza coffee research centre
Did you know that LavAzza coffee was founded in Turin in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza and was initially run from a small grocer store? The business is now in it’s fourth generation and is the market leader in Italy.
In the UK, Lavazza was just voted no.1 coffee brand on Tried and Tasted making it the perfect backdrop to our trip.
During our visit we enjoyed a tour of local chocolate and coffee shops, including the first-ever Lavazza coffee cafe, San Tommaso 10, where we all enjoyed a delicious espresso. The café was decked out in stunning posters of early marketing campaigns; a real step back in time.
We had a guided tour of the town on foot before returning to our hotel to freshen up and having dinner at traditional, Sicilian seafood restaurant (tip for anyone else planning to visiting in future – Italians to not eat, or offer, parmesan with seafood pasta).
Later on in our trip we visited Eataly, a mega marketplace of restaurants, food and beverage counters, wine cellars and more! We enjoyed a spot of shopping and a tasty lunch (most of us followed Dan’s lead of pizza, see below). In the evening we had the pleasure of eating at fine-dining eatery Casa Del Barolo where we washed our meal down with some fine red wines.
Rise of the (coffee) machines
On day three (possibly the best day!) we set off en mass in a mini bus to the Luigi Lavazza Centre for coffee research, which was set up in 1979. We put on our white overalls and Lavazza baseball caps to prepare for a fantastic caffeine-fuelled tour. We saw Lavazza’s fully automated warehouse (think The Matrix) and enjoyed a coffee caviar workshop.
We’d like to thank our hosts Barry, Elliot and Hannah, for a fantastic week.
Don’t forget to talk to your customers about our Lavazza products! We sell everything from coffee beans and pods to paper and ceramic cups, sugar sticks and more! 
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