Trend Watch: Caterers Shopping Online
Updated: 15 September, 2015
Sue Guilfoyle at JJ Food Service on how technology is changing the way caterers shop.
It seems the whole world is moving online and caterers are no exception. Our digital sales are flying with orders placed online now accounting for more than 60% of sales, and growing.
For caterers, shopping this way is about more than convenience. Take gourmet fresh wraps chain Wrap It Up. For them, placing orders online have helped to improve order accuracy and cash flow. When they opened their first branch back in 2006, orders were placed via a recorded telephone message. “If we didn’t say tomatoes clearly enough we might have ended up with turnips!” says founder Faisal Haque.
Since shopping online with us, things have changed. The business dramatically increased order accuracy and paying up front instead of opting for credit has enabled them to keep a close eye on cash flow.
The rewards have been felt throughout the business, which has just opened its 13th branch and has announced rapid expansion plans for 2016 and beyond.
Whether you want to order online or you like to deal with real people, at JJ Food Service, we’d be delighted to help.
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