Taking Service to the Next Level
Updated: 21 June, 2022
Yagmur Bomboz, Customer Service Supervisor, Enfield is armed with heaps of patience, problem-solving hacks, and the ability to stay calm under pressure!
She has quickly progressed at JJ to head up the Customer Service and Counter teams and has big ambitions to take customer service to the next level….
How long have you been at JJ Foodservice?
I started in telesales in July 2019 – I was there for three weeks then was moved to customer service where, within just 18 months, I was promoted to Customer Service Supervisor.
Now, I’ve been promoted again to Counter Manager, managing two teams. I love my job because one part involves speaking to customers on the phone and the other is face-to-face, on the counters. It’s great! I’ve always enjoyed speaking to people.
What does your day-to-day role involve?
I inform my team about their daily tasks and any customers that need to be communicated with. We use telephone, emails, social media and now we have Live Chat, too, so there’s always lots going. Working closely with my team is important and I always ask them for feedback on tasks to make sure they are happy and feel that their views are considered.
Do you shop at JJ?
Are you kidding? Every week I buy something from JJ, and if something new comes in, I must try it. Steaks are my favourite, I love the T Bone, ribeye, and sirloin – I could eat it all day! I cook my steaks on the BBQ and I like it well done. If you know how to cook a steak, it can still be delicious and moist if it’s well cooked. I serve mine with salad and chips.
What's the hardest part of your job?
Saying no to customers! It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s hard. For instance, if someone wants a delivery that’s under the minimum order, that’s simply something we cannot do. I always speak to my team to see if there’s anything we can do to help.
What personal qualities do you think have helped you to progress at JJ?
I think it helps not to be shy and to always be yourself. I’m not the type of person to bottle anything up. I always speak to my colleagues and my manager about anything that’s frustrating me. Luckily, I have a great support network at JJ – we are a family and there are always people there for me to talk to and I’m there for them, too.
Any tips for newcomers starting at JJ Foodservice?
Don’t be shy, speak up, talk to people – doesn’t matter if your issue is big or small. If you don’t, nothing gets resolved. There are lots of great people around, so speak to them!
Always be yourself and don’t take too much work on. It’s ok to say no if you know you are too busy. Just make sure you are clear, polite and explain why.
So, are there any big projects you are working on?
We have been trying out a new customer service approach in the Enfield counter area. It’s gone well, and the customers really enjoy having us come up to greet them and say hello. We want to roll it out to all branches and includes departments like the warehouse, where you wouldn’t traditionally expect people to say “Hi, how’s your day,” but I think it will make a big difference to customer satisfaction across the business. That’s my next big target.
Is there anyone that’s supported you in your career?
JJ is a family to me. I love coming to work and I get along with everyone. Yasmin, Ildem and Baris have been my rocks and I wouldn’t be here without their help and support.
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