Take On the Whale Challenge at Casey’s Fish N Chips
Updated: 24 May, 2017
West Yorkshire-based fish and chippy Casey’s, a JJ Food Service customer, is inviting diners to take on their ‘Whale Challenge’ for National Fish and Chip Day on 2nd June.
The challenge involves devouring a 32oz battered cod and large chips, mushy peas, beans, gravy and bread roll in less than 30 minutes for the meal to be free of charge.
British competitive eater Adam Moran and US professional eater and body builder Randy Santel (pictured above) have both visited the family-owned business to take on the challenge.
“It’s only a gimmick – but it’s all good fun,” said restaurant owner John Haggerson. “Our shop has been featured on TV and viewed more than 175,000 times on YouTube – it’s been great marketing and helped us to attract more people into the shop”
Appreciating that not everyone wants a “whale-sized” meal, Casey’s offers an extra small fish and chips portion for just £1.99, perfect for smaller appetites. “We think it’s important to make fish and chips an affordable option for everyone. That’s another reason why our shop does well – we care about our customers.”
Casey’s buy their cod and haddock at JJ Food Service. “I get a great price on quality fish and the service is always spot on. My Fish and Chip Sales Specialist, Darren, is always on hand to help.”
Watch Randy Santel take on the ‘Whale Challenge’ here.