Request a refund is now LIVE
Updated: 14 February, 2023
Refunds and returns are quick, easy, and simple with our NEW Request a Refund option!
The system is valid on ambient products purchased within 28 days – this is how it works:
  • Simply go to My Orders in your account settings on the website or app.
  • Select Request a Refund from the green tab on the righthand side.
  • You will be offered a range of options to start processing your refund.
  • Start with Upload Photo – making sure the image taken, clearly displays the label, best before date and any issues with the item being refunded.
  • Select the appropriate Reason for the Refund from the dropdown tab.
This will generate an automated ticket seen immediately by our Customer Services team who will process the refund or get in touch if they need any additional information.
The new Request a Refund process is quick, simple and saves both our customers and team time helping us to keep providing a great service. No more waiting on the phone!
We aim to deal with all requests within 24 hours of requests being submitted.
Still got a question? Need to speak to a member of the team? No problem – we’re available to help via Live Chat too which is the fastest method to get in touch with our team.