On a Roll – We’ve Launched a Sushi and Japanese Range 🍣
Updated: 15 September, 2020
We are delighted to announce that we’ve launched a NEW Sushi and Japanese range aimed at the fast-growing Japanese sushi market.
The range includes everything from soy sauce, gyoza and tempura batter to Japanese beer, mochi and noodles.
Chief Products Officer at JJ, Sezer Ozkul, said, “We want to support the independent sector to cater for the UK’s growing appetite for more affordable, quality sushi.
The wholesaler said its point of difference is being able to offer many essentials in just one place.
A staggering 40% of UK Japanese restaurants struggle to find a supplier that can cover their ‘total shopping basket’, according to JJ’s independent research *.
Better Service for Sushi
“We want to improve service and convenience – as well as offer quality products, competitively priced”, said Sezer.
Reliable service is also key, with 22%* of outlets saying that ‘late or lengthy deliveries’ were impacting their business.
More than 200 new sushi products are highlighted in a new Sushi & Japanese Product brochure, together with best-selling existing products for sushi restaurants.
“We look forward to bringing our first-class service to this vibrant sector,” Sezer added.
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