New JJ Shopping App – Available to Download!
Updated: 12 May, 2022
We are excited to announce a NEW faster shopping app, following record online orders in 2020.
At the height of the pandemic, 85% of orders were made online, versus 70% for the same period in 2019.
Mobile users have grown even faster with 49% of orders made from a mobile device in January 2021. This compares with just 32% in January 2020, up an impressive 53%.
“Our customers are busy people, so we’ve invested in making online shopping even easier,” said Chief Technology Officer for JJ Foodservice, Mick Dudley.
The new JJ app offers easy access to the full range of products, securely and on-the-go.
Visitors can start shopping using products saved in their ‘favourites’ or ‘previous orders.’
The new app also gives you the flexibility to amend or save the shopping basket, at any point.
Our favourite part are the new swipe-able banners at the top of the app, which helps you to search for products quickly, by category.
And if you can’t remember what you need, no worries! A predictive function automatically suggests relevant products, helping to reduce the time and hassle of searching from scratch.
The app is available to download here: