National Pizza Month: How your business can take advantage
Updated: 18 May, 2022
Looking for ways to celebrate National Pizza Month this October? Here is our ultimate guide for restaurants and takeaways to capitalise on this foodie festival.
October marks National Pizza Month, a key date in the foodie calendar. With pizza voted the second most popular takeaway to be ordered during lockdown, and expectations that the pizza industry will continue to grow over the next five years, this handy guide to celebrating National Pizza Month can help your business take advantage of this promotional period.
Create a buzz with competitions
Who doesn’t love a competition? Especially when there’s pizza involved. It’s a great way to create a buzz and get customers engaged with your business.
  • Customer collaborations
  • Menu suggestions – get your customers to send in their pizza topping suggestions for a special pizza featured on your menu
  • Run the competition across your social media platforms, and get customers to submit their entries using a specific hashtag for your business or competition
  • The winning entry can receive a gift card for your restaurant or a free pizza on their next visit
Design a pizza box competition
Are your pizza boxes plain and boring, or a bit dated and in need of some creative flair?
Run a competition with your guests to design a pizza box for your business. Get them to collect a plain pizza box from your restaurant and return it to you once they have finished.
Give the winners a ‘wall of fame’ as well as a voucher or free meal at your restaurant
Introduce crazy pizza toppings
Why not switch up your usual and introduce some specials to your menu that will get your guests talking?
Have a go at:
Why not incorporate Halloween into your menu with some spooky creations? We suggest lots of Garlic to keep the vampires away.
Host happy hours or meal deals
Everyone loves a happy hour, and everyone loves pizza! Combine the two and get your customers down to your restaurant, or purchase a takeaway during a certain time period.
Offer them exclusive prices or a free item such as garlic bread, a dessert or a bottle of drink.
Takeaway establishments could also offer meal deals to boost business on quieter days.
Offer a bundle of items for a set price, and throw in a bottle of drink or a tub of ice cream.
Use this to take advantage of retaining current customers or gaining new customers.
Speak to your customers on social
Use your social media channels to connect with your customers. Take advantage of National Pizza Month as an opportunity to build on your brand.
  • Tell your followers a story – share how the company started, some key employees in your establishment, or what you love about your business
  • Advertise your products on social media – invest in taking the best images of your food possible and create insta-worthy content, make your followers stop mid-scroll and check out your page
  • Embrace the power of hashtags – use a hashtag that is personal to your brand, and reinforce it with your customers to tag you in posts
  • Increase awareness of your brand by posting regularly on social media platforms – you want to remain visible to your customers and stand out against your competitors
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You can also provide your customers with our recyclable packaging – just another way of helping the environment. Our brown pizza boxes are easily recycled after use, and can also be personalised – great for running your design a pizza box competition.