JJ Team Prepares Three Tonnes Worth of Donations at Super Speed!
Updated: 22 March, 2023
This month, team members from JJ Enfield branch spent the day at The Felix Project warehouse in Enfield, sorting and re-packing donated food collected from supermarkets, wholesalers, delis and more.
Omar, Adlene, Bartolomiej, and Tim (pictured from left to right).
The team, made up of Adlene Rezzouk - Goods Receiving Manager, Bartolomiej Nykiel - Stock Control Manager, Omar El-Haj - Marketing Manager, and Tim Hassan - Graphic Designer, spent over seven hours sorting through donated food boxes, re-packing them onto pallets, and wrapping them for re-distribution to the local community. The time our team spent at The Felix Project warehouse equated to over 1,400 meals for Londoners.
Speaking on his experience, Adlene said, "I really enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer with The Felix Project, and I really felt like I was making a difference and giving back to the community. The staff at the warehouse were really impressed with our speed. We managed to get through three tonnes worth of donations, rather than only a few pallets than most of their other volunteers manage to get through."
"I would love to help out again, and I know lots of my team from our JJ warehouse are keen to get involved too. We can break records at The Felix Project!"
Pictured Tim (left) and Adlene (right), hard at work in The Felix Project warehouse.
The JJ team will continue to work closely with The Felix Project to provide voluntary support, in a bid to tackle food poverty across London.