JJ Launches Warmer for Longer Chips
Updated: 1 December, 2020
We have launched Warmer for Longer chips – part of the Super Crisp Chip family – designed to stay warm and crispy in takeaway packaging.
“Restaurants and pubs have had to adapt overnight with online ordering and takeaway menus to keep trading” said Sezer Ozkul, Chief Product Officer at JJ Foodservice.
“But not every dish travels well. Our new Warmer for Longer chips (CHP180) are designed to stay warm and crispy even during the home delivery process”, he said.
Research and development for the super-toasty and crunchy chip began during the first lockdown.
A Delivery Durable Chip
“After the surge in home food deliveries, we knew we’d need to support our restaurant and pub customers with a more ‘delivery-durable’ chip.”
The chips are made with sunflower oil in a gluten-free environment. They are available now across all branches at a promotional price of just £4.99 for 4×2.27kg (usually £8.99).
JJ’s Super Crisp Chip family has eleven variants including wedges and sweet potato fries. JJ sells more than one million cases of chips a year.
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