JJ Expands Vegan Range to Encourage Meat-Free
Updated: 21 February, 2023
We have partnered with Quorn to continue expanding our vegan product range, helping to put more meat-free alternatives on restaurant and takeaway menus.
“Vegan diets are one of the most exciting opportunities for restaurants and takeaways,” said Chief Product Officer for JJ Foodservice, Sezer Ozkul.
“Meat free innovation is tasty, creative and constantly evolving – it’s no surprise consumers want more.”
Vegan Sales Surge at JJ
Sales of vegan products at JJ Foodservice have increased by 48% since 2019.
The trend for vegan diets in the UK increased by 11% at the end of 2022, versus the previous quarter, for consumers eating out of home, according to the latest hospitality research from Lumina Intelligence.
“Vegan food has become mass in appeal,” said Managing Director of Lumina, Jill Livesey, with nearly “three in four vegan dishes or products not consumed by vegans, but by experimental diners.”
The trend shows no signs of slowing, particularly as we enter Veganuary, according to JJ supplier partner, Quorn Foods.
“January is the highest penetration month in meat free. It’s when more new people choose to try a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet,” said Roberta Radzvilaviciute, National Account Executive at Quorn Foods.
“This, alongside a growing understanding of the impact that our diet can have on health and our planet, show that operators need to be taking meat free on menus seriously,” she added.
Messy Meat-Free Options
JJ Foodservice has responded by partnering with Quorn to expand its vegan range across six branches: Enfield, Sidcup, Dagenham, Leicester, Leeds and Manchester.
New products include the Quorn ChiQin Buttermilk Style Burger, Quorn ChiQin Crispy Wings and Quorn ChiQin Fillets, which are all designed specifically for hospitality menus and will be supported with promotions until the end of February.
“JJ Foodservice customers can now add comforting and messy, vegan builds to menus without compromising on taste, health or sustainability,” said Roberta.
“We are excited to be working with JJ Foodservice, a like-minded company who shares our values. As a leader in independent QSR, we see JJ as a business who truly cares about delivering what customers need,” said Roberta.
Dishes on UK hospitality menus that cater to vegans have doubled since 2019, according to the Menu & Food Trends Report. “We look forward to working with more supplier partners to develop our meat-free range,” added Sezer.