JJ chip challenge published by BBC News!
Updated: 17 October, 2016
It’s been an exciting month here at JJ Food Service – we’ve been in the national press including the BBC News, Daily Mail and BBC London Radio!
So what’s all the media attention about?
Well, this month for Seafood Week we launched our 10oz chip campaign to encourage fish and chip shop customers to add a smaller chip portion (if they don’t already have one) to their menus.
We think a smaller option will help to attract more health-conscious customers and those with smaller appetites to eat fish and chips more often. It will also help to reduce waste – after all, no one likes throwing chips away!
To support the campaign we sent an e-shot to all customers on the benefits of smaller portion sizes and we even recommended a suitable chip box (TRA011).
The initiative was so successful that it appeared across all key fish trade titles, BBC news published an article on it, and we were interviewed live on BBC London radio’s Mark Forrest show. It generated more than 500 comments on the Mail Online.
In total, the media coverage helped us to reach a record audience of more than 10,000,000 in just a few days. So, what’s your view? You can join the debate here!