JJ Boosts Gourmet Burger Sales by 115% in Q2
Updated: 19 August, 2019
We have more than doubled sales of our Gourmet and Texan Burger range following the launch of our ‘Think Inside the Bun’ campaign. The campaign was designed to encourage caterers to increase sales and margins with better quality, premium burgers. The campaign highlighted JJ’s own-label ‘Gourmet’ and ‘Texan’ burgers, which contain up to 98% beef.
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Following the multi-channel campaign, which spanned print, video, digital and social media, sales (value) of gourmet burgers increased by 115%* and volume increased by 91%*.
In a post-campaign survey, 36%** of gourmet burger customers said that they were not aware of the range before the campaign launched and had made a purchase after seeing it.
JJ’s Texan burgers contain 98% beef – delicious in our brioche buns!
  1. 98% said that the quality of the range was good, very good or excellent
  2. 95% said that the flavour of the products is tasty, very tasty or delicious
  3. 87.5% said that the value for money for the burgers is good, very good or excellent
  4. 95% of gourmet burger customers would recommend the range to others 
The Gourmet and Texan YouTube Video has been viewed more than 12,000 times.  
We will be giving restaurants and takeaways the chance to win a free case of gourmet burgers via our Facebook page during National Burger Week (22-29th August 2019). Customers simply need to like and follow our Facebook or Insta page for the chance to win.
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