British Lion Eggs are a Big Selling Point
Updated: 29 October, 2015
In an article published in The Grocer this month it was stated that using the term ‘made with British Lion Eggs’ on packaging, labeling and menus could be a strong selling point for consumers. Almost 90% of whole eggs sold in the UK carry the Lion Quality mark but no such scheme exists for products, which use eggs as ingredients. With salmonella outbreaks still occurring and blamed predominantly on imported eggs, using the trademark could help our caterers to reassure customers that the eggs used in desserts, sauces and quiches are just as safe as those that are cooked.
At JJ Food Service we sell two different pack sizes of British Lion Eggs:
  1. EGG011 Lion Quality Medium Eggs UK (size 3) 1×60
  2. EGG018 Lion Quality Medium Eggs UK (size 3 – 1×24
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What to do now: 
  1. Use British Lion eggs at JJ’s fantastic prices
  2. Promote the use of the slogan ‘made with British Lion eggs’ on menus
  3. Share a link to this article if they want more information
Read more about British Lion eggs here: